Quality Assurance


There are approved lists of suppliers, (on the basis of the yearly assessment made as per their supplies in previous years) from whom materials are purchased; or alternatively, from whom samples are to be called for evaluation & testing on the basis of Q. A. approval.

On arrival of Actual Lot / Raw Material at DNP, a representative sample is drawn as per the “Coning & Quartering Method”. Apart from the listed parameters other parameters like Pesticide Residues, Heavy Metals, Chemical and Microbiological Attributes are also analyzed. On the basis of Q. A. approval the Lot is ready for “Unloading / Processing” at DNP.



All the machineries / plant are thoroughly cleaned using Compressed air, Vacuum Cleaner, Hand Brushes, Washing before any lot goes for processing. It is recorded in the “Complete cleaning of plant & machineries”.

Routine cleaning of plant and machineries is also done at regular interval of 8 hours during processing of the lot. It is recorded in the “In process cleaning of the plant & machineries”.

An initial sample is drawn after the processing starts as per the sampling Method. On the basis of Quality assurance approval of the initial sample, processing is allowed.

Hourly basis the sample is drawn from each and every bag during packing.

The representative sample of the Finished Lot is drawn as per the “Sampling Method for Shipment Samples’’. On the basis of Q. A. approval, the packed material is stored



Container on arrival before stuffing is prechecked for the cleanliness, and documented as Container Inspection Report. The plastic sheet & corrugated roll are spread properly on the floor of the container to provide cushioning.

Ready lot is stuffed in the container in the presence of representatives of production and Quality Assurance department. Entire process is documented in the “Loading Report’’.

Container is fumigated by using Aluminum phosphide / Methyl Bromide as per buyer’s requirement by authorized / approved contractor. After completion of stuffing, the Stuffing & Stacking details are also labeled to the inside door of the container for the buyer’s reference. Container is sealed by competent authority.