Management Team

Shri Devji Nensey Palani

The Founder of the Palani group started work with just one philosophy “there is no substitute to hard work”. His success is the result of his undeterred honesty, vehement courage, expertise and experience of more than 60 years.

He started working at a young age of 13 and is still going strong. His business acumen and foresight has helped him grow the business.

His humble beginnings have made him sensitive to the struggles of the under privileged and he has adesire to help. For this he has set up Nirmal Education Charitable Trust Bhuj-Kutch.

Shri Biren Devji Palani

Through his endeavor in setting up DNP foods and joy international, elder son of Devji Palani was instrumental in transforming his father’s vision into reality. It is under his leadership that Palanigroup forayed into a joint venture with the international Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. He possesses a great vision, which enables him to think way ahead of his time. He started working in 1985, has experience of 30 years in various business activities.

Shri Jaydeep Devji Palani

Working hands on, the younger son of Devji Palani has led Maharashtra Traders to become one of the largest facilitators of guar gum trade in India. He is largely responsible for expanding the business to its current size. He started working in 1990, has experience of 25 years in various business activities. He added new products of seeds and spices to the ancestral business.

Other Group Members

The group strength is of 133 experienced, dedicated and industrious members. At Palani Group all the members work together as a family, Mr. D N Palani being the head of the family. Each member has contributed in the success of the group. 35% of the members have been with the group for more than 20 years.