There is also social content in the business in the form of help to the victims of natural calamities, handicapped and all needy persons, extended liberally from time to time. This is service to humanity. Equally worried about animal care. The speechless birds and animals are cured of their ailments / injuries.

CSR Nirmal Gyan Mandir Versova Jain Sangh
(Established : 20-Dec-2000)

Need was felt to have a Trust to carry on these social and other benevolent activities so that other like minded people can join and make concerted and collective efforts in pulling up human and financial resources. Finally with the efforts of our group’s CEO, Shri D. N. Palani, a Trust was created, with himself as the founder member. It is named after his mother ( Nirmal ) as “Nirmal Gyan Mandir Versova Jain Sangh”. The aims and objectives of the Trust are to help victims of war and natural calamities, physically handicapped, needy girls and women by providing them computer training, sewing work, etc…..

For more information, please visit: www.nirmalgyan.org

Some Social Service Activities Accomplished by Nirmal

  • Organized a Show for the Blind, where blind musician and singers participated. This was the place were they could show their talent and capabilities.
  • Organized One Day Blood Donation Campaign so that blood could be donated to the hospitals where the needy people can get treatment for free. It is our pleasure to announce that almost 200 bottles of blood was collected in one day.
  • Computer Training : Have started with computer classes for needy girls so that these girls do not have to depend on any one and can earn their living. Nirmal Gyan Mandir have already completed the task of making 40 needy girls fully computer literate.
  • Telephone Booth for the Handicaps : In their endeavors to support physically physically disabled people to be independent, from year 2002, Nirmal has taken up the task of constructing telephone booths where the handicaps can earn their own living without depending on others. Nirmal has already constructed a few booths and given to them.