The Palani Group

About the Palani Group

The vision of one man, our founder Mr. D.N. Palani, has shaped the growth and success of the Palani Group. His original and ancestral business was of oil seeds, spices, crude drugs, etc. It dates back to 1923 when late father of Mr. D. N. Palani was running the business successfully. On his death the reins were taken over by his two sons - Mr. D.N.Palani and his elder brother. Starting his career with his family owned business in 1954.Today he has completed 6 decades of dedication in his business career. He stepped into the world of guar gum business initially in partnership with others in 1965. In 1970, Mr. D.N. Palani established Maharashtra Traders and independently forayed into the guar gum trading business. Today, Maharahstra Traders is the one of the largest facilitators of guar gum trade in India. We account for 15% of India’s total guar exports

Under the leadership and vision of Mr. D.N. Palani, with support from his two sons Mr.Biren Palani and Jaydeep Palani, the Palani Group has diversified into a multi-company business with interests, in Manufacturing, R & D, Logistics, Construction, etc, as well as processing / blending of food additives/flour improving ingredients, simultaneously with rendering yeoman services in actively assisting and promoting export of various agricultural/forest produces like Guar Gum, Tamarind Kernel, Sesbania gum, Cassia Tora, Psyllium etc